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Ovary Transplant Can Make Women Fertile At Any Age

Submitted by Annabel Tautou on Tue, 03/27/2012 FrenchTribune.com

While women shudder at the thought of menopause, a recent study has claimed that women can have babies at any age now. Confirming the same, Sherman Silber, the lead scientist at Infertility Centre of St Louis, claimed: "It is possible to remove a small piece of ovarian tissue, freeze it, and when the woman reaches menopause around the age of 51, we could transplant that tissue back and she might not ever have to go through menopause”.

With the report getting the attention of one and all, it was further said that three women have successfully conceived, thereby giving birth of seven babies, post going through the medical procedure. The results of the study have confirmed that the transplanted ovaries have the tendency to be effective enough for as much as seven years.

One such case was that of 35 years old cancer patient Stinne Holm Bergholt, who after going through chemotherapy lost the ability to conceive. But, it was only after the medical procedure that she could deliver three babies and now she is living a normal life just like any other mother. This case has set an example for others not to lose hope so early as there are ways and means to get themselves treated to start a family at later stage of life too.

Published in the 'Reproductive Biomedicine Online' journal, the study has claimed that now women can have choice to conceive at any age. There are expectations that this sort of treatment would be made available to healthy women too in the time to come. For long, infertility has been bothering many women, and this is what appears to be getting a solution with the recent cases.

It is believed that after such a successful phase in Denmark and the USA, the treatment many soon make way in the UK too in the coming year.