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To register for an appointment please select the registration form for the location you wish to attend below.

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Locations for appointment
Laura Ross and Heather Mudge
The Epworth Centre, Suite 9, Level 8, 32 Erin Street,
Richmond, Victoria 3121
telephone 03 9428 7572 (International +613 9428 7572)
fax 03 9429 9806 (International +613 9429 9806)
email admin@kenleong.com.au
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Donna Stewart and Dawn Alexander
Mitcham Private Hospital, Consulting Suites,
29 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham, Victoria 3132
telephone 03 9874 2333 (International +613 9874 2333)
fax 03 9874 2444 (International +613 9874 2444)
email mitcham-reception@kenleong.com.au
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Locations for surgery
Epworth Richmond
89 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria 3121
telephone 03 9426 6666 (International +613 9426 6666)
fax 03 9427 0353 (International +613 9427 0353)
web www.epworth.org.au
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Epworth Eastern
1 Arnold Street, Box Hill, Victoria 3128
telephone 03 8807 7100 (International +613 8807 7100)
fax 03 8807 7800 (International +613 8807 7800)
web www.epworth.org.au
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Mitcham Private Hospital
27 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham, Victoria 3132
telephone 03 9210 3222 (International +613 9210 3222)
fax 03 9210 3223 (International +613 9210 3223)
web www.mitchamprivate.com.au
web www.epworth.org.au
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Healthbridge Hawthorn Private Hospital
Monash IVF, 50 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
telephone 03 9097 1400 (International +613 9097 1400)
web www.healthbridgehawthorn.com.au
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Step by step guide


Firstly, please decide where you would like to see Dr. Kenneth Leong and ring the phone number corresponding to the location and speak with our friendly staff for an appointment. After that, please visit your GP to obtain a referral letter if you have not already done so.

Once you have your referral letter please return to this website and click on the register button on the left of this page. Please fill in all details and attach your referral letter and any test results including scan reports (not the films) to the electronic form and submit them online. If you have any previous notes about your medical condition please also attach them to the online registration form. This will ensure that we have all your information before the appointment to help us serve you better. If you have any problems please feel free to contact our staff.

Please note that you will need to complete the online registration forms for both partners (male or female) if you are coming in with a fertility problem.

On the day of the consultation, please bring your referral letter, previous history notes and test results with you even if you have already submitted them to us online because the image quality of the attachments may not be clear. For fertility patients, it is always helpful to come in together with your partner.

What to expect

Initial consultation for fertility problems usually lasts around forty minutes. Initial gynaecology consultation lasts about 30 minutes. Follow up appointments for fertility problems normally last about 20 minutes and gynaecology problems around 15 minutes. Please feel free to ask another person to come along with you if you think it may help. Please note that there is no staff to mind young children and they will have to come in with you during the consultation. This can sometimes be disruptive and may impact on the quality of the consultation.

Cost overview

As a specialist medical practice, we strive to provide a high standard of service and care. You will note that the allocated consulting time with Dr. Ken Leong is quite generous. Dr. Leong does not believe in rushing through with his patients. He will spend time answering your concerns. His consulting fees are therefore above the AMA (Australian Medical Association) recommended rate and operation fees are at AMA rate. All consulting fees are payable on the day. We accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX) and EFTPOS payments. Personal cheques are not accepted.

We have reduced fees for aged pensioners and Veterans’ Affairs patients.

Estimation of operation and procedural fees are quite complex and the costs are dependent on whether you have health insurance, the name of your health insurer, your level of insurance cover, the complexity and type of surgery, whether it is one operation or a re-operation, the type of equipment used (e.g. da Vinci robotic system) and if you are an aged pensioner or Veterans’ Affairs patient. These factors will influence your ‘out-of-pocket’ cost or ‘gap’ payment which is above what Medicare and your health insurance will pay for the procedure. Please take note that the quote we provide is only an estimate and whereas possible we will provide several quotes or a cost range because it is difficult to accurately predict what we will encounter in surgery, what type of procedure needs to be performed beforehand and sometimes the pathology results will also affect what is billable to the health fund. After the surgery, you will get a final itemized invoice. Please note that our fees do not include assistant fee, anaesthetic fee and costs for pathology and blood tests. You will get separate invoices for these services from the respective providers.

All procedural and operation fees are payable upon receipt of invoice. Some out-of-pocket costs and robotic hire fees are payable prior to the procedure.

The fee for the post operative visit is generally included in the operation cost unless we discussed a new problem or has an extensive discussion regarding further treatment during the post operative consult.

For uninsured patients who wish to have their surgery in a public hospital, they will be enlisted on the Box Hill Hospital waiting list after one to two consultations with Dr. Leong. In this case, the surgery is normally performed by a training specialist and under the supervision of a fully qualified specialist. It may not always be possible to find out who the specialist is before the surgery. The waiting list time and who does the surgery would depend on the waiting list queue, the urgency category and the surgeon’s operating roster. All post operative visit and subsequent appointments should occur in the public gynaecology clinic with the Box Hill Hospital doctors. For more information, please ring the reception at Box Hill Hospital on 03 9895 3333 and request to be put through to the booking office.